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Wireless Charging (Qi) look for the quality and compliance not just price…

We take a look Qi wireless charging and a brief guide to compliance, safety and reliable wireless charging…

Few technology products launch into our promotional market with such a buzz / focus as wireless charging has done over the last 3-4 months. Since Apple introduced wireless compatibility (Qi) to its’ latest phones in Sept 2017 the market has been buzzing with transmitters, stands, chargers, power banks, lamps and converters / sleeves.

Wireless charging has become a key gadget for many consumers making it attractive to marketers as it’s the ultimate “useful” promotional tool / gift. Research company “IHS Markit” has forecast the wireless charging market will grow by 80% this year with more than 325 million receivers and 115 million chargers (transmitters) likely to ship in 2018.

While many suppliers and factories adhere strictly to the Qi standard but sadly not all ….

Always look for the Qi logo

Manufacturers who comply normally legally print the Qi logo on all products and packaging, as it’s a clear sign the product has passed all tests necessary for Qi certification. A lack of a Qi logo on the product or its packaging could indicate that the wireless charging product is uncertified. Only Qi certified products can legally use the Qi logo, but be careful and make sure you use an experienced trusted promotional merchandise distributor as imitation or counterfeit charging products may use the Qi logo illegally.

Roantree has been trading for over 20 years, we only use manufacturers that are compliant to all the necessary safety requirements. We are more than happy to share the relevant product safety certification with you.

Choosing the right gadget / electronic device is always tricky and should not be based on price alone. When looking at Wireless charging there is great opportunity to impress your clients and ensure compliance when you look for a Qi certified device. Don’t get focussed on the cheaper cost or it may come back to haunt you.

Make sure your brand is in safe hands, think Roantree..

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