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NEW. Pokito - The Future of Collapsible Cups

Coffee cups are now estimated to be the second largest contributor to litter waste after plastic bottles. We use 1 billion coffee cups a year. And this number is increasing rapidly.

The idea of using a reusable cup is great. But in reality they are bulky and not an option when you are always on the go. Pokito aims to solve this problem.

Pokito is the reusable cup that you can take anywhere:

REUSABLE – Incredibly strong, light and durable

RECYCLABLE – all parts of the cup are made from recyclable materials

SAFE – No BPA’s, all food safe materials. British Made

PRACTICAL – Seals tight and features insulated middle band

COLLAPSIBLE – Squishes down to just 4.5cm

LIGHT – Weighs only 125g

HYGIENIC – Easy to clean and fully dishwasher safe


One Cup, 3 sizes

How much do you want to drink today? Depends? No problem! Adjust your pokito to suit. Pop it open to grande size 475ml (or 16oz), medio 350ml (or 12oz) or espresso 230ml (or 8oz). Simple!

Whether you like your coffee from Costa, Starbucks, Cafe Nero or even your local artisan coffee shop, many shops are now offering 25p off per cup or similar incentives when you bring your own mug! Take advantage and start saving on every cup of coffee with Pokito today!

Roantree can supply the Pokito personalised with your company logo from as few as 100 pieces.


MD of Roantree Neal Beagles explained.: “we are constantly looking for new and interesting products to offer to our customers, particularly if they are eco friendly, the Pokito is exactly the type of product that we know our customers will love and we are proud to offer this branded with our customers logo.”

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