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15cm Ruler

15cm Plastic Ruler. Supplied with cm markings along the top of the product.
From £0.31

300mm Scale Architect Ruler

Professional oval shaped architects scale rule. Perfect for the building trade. Also available in 150mm length.
From £1.29

30cm / 12inch Ruler

Full size plastic ruler with cm markings along the top and inch markings along the bottom.
From £0.40

A4 Polyprop Box Wallet

A4 Polyprop Box Wallet with 28mm capacity.
From £2.12

Architects Scale Ruler - 150mm

150mm sized professional architects scale ruler with eight scale measurements: cm - mm 1.1 -1.100 -1.20 -1.200 - 1.1250 -1.2500
From £0.90

Cloud and rainbow memo tape dispenser

Plastic memo tape dispenser in the shape of a cloud. The cloud-shaped dispenser is white and the colours of the memo tape are blue - green - yellow - orange and pink (1 m each).
From £1.21

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